I am Petr Homoky

Česká verze

My name is Petr Homoky. I am a project manager and a web application developer. I always put maximum attention into choosing the right technologies, setting realistic expectations and preparatory (analytical) phase. Due to thorough preparation and my determination and thoroughness, I am able not only to launch projects but also to execute them to the last detail.

Phone +420 606 567 625

Email p.homoky@gmail.com

Website www.homoky.cz

Address Kolín, Czech Republic


Frontend Development

React, Typescript, Next.js, Node.js, Formik, Styled Components, Apollo

Backend Development

GraphQL, Prisma, Nexus.js, Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Project management

I can help to set up the processes of your current team while stabilizing it at the same time. I also offer long-term management of existing or emerging projects.

Start-up incubators

Do you have an idea you would like to bring to life without the risk of unexpected costs due to unsuitable technologies or people? Reach out to me.

Tech Lead and Head Developer

Proximitis s. r. o.

February 2019 – March 2020

As a co-founder of the company, I designed and developed comprehensive proximity communication system using Bluetooth beacons. In addition to developing the main system, I also managed a team of four people (iOS developer, Android developer and two Node developers). I decided what technological solution will be used – eventually, I chose technologies React, GraphQL and Prisma for the system and for the development of mobile SDKs I chose native programming languages (Swift and Java).

Chief Technology Officer

Retailtrek a. s.

August 2017 – January 2019

Set goals and strategies of the IT group. Chose and implemented suitable technology based on the client’s solutions. Designed and implemented technological systems and platforms to the client’s satisfaction. Set up and managed IT budgets. Managed and organized all IT projects and resources, including human resources (6 subordinates).

Chief Information Officer

Paynovatio a. s.

March 2018 – November 2018

Consulting in the field of banking solutions. Provided analytical insights, identified security risks, processed and assessed bids on internet banking development for a new product of debit cards for the company’s customers.

Frontend React Developer

Apollo 13 s. r. o.

January 2017 – June 2017

As a Frontend Developer in a small team, I connected an extensive catalogue solution from the field of dating in React to a pre-prepared API and the Firebase service. At the same time, I collaborated on the development of an application in React Native.

Web application development

Orukami s. r. o.

May 2016 – January 2019

My role in my own company was to acquire, manage and subsequently execute web application projects tailored to the clients’ needs, which were always based on preparatory analytical phases.

Public website development


March 2010 – April 2016

Building predominantly simple web presentations using Wordpress. When designing the structure and subsequent content editing, I put a huge emphasis on the client’s user experience..

Jan Amos Komenský University Prague

Master’s degree

September 2016 – June 2017

Department of Media Studies with a focus on PR and marketing

Jan Amos Komenský University Prague

Bachelor’s degree

October 2014 – June 2015

Department of Media Studies

College of Media and Journalism Prague

Technical Institute

September 2011 – June 2014

I obtained diploma with honours after successfully completing studies of PR, marketing communication, research and impact of new media

Last projects

First I designed a technical solution with regard to the fact that the existing data had to be migrated from the then current system. Afterwards I created a publicly available version of the portal, including a non-public administration interface for easy content management, the so-called CMS (content management system).
POS monitoring
Thanks to my long-term experiences with beacons I acquired a contract to create a system to monitor POS materials in food and hobby stores. The result was a design of a complete product including its implementation.

Slevový týden
Thanks to my long-term relationship with Vltava Labe Media I was contacted to help with analysis and solution design for a regular event called Slevový týden (Special Promotion’s Week). The collaboration resulted in an interactive form that improves the way special offers are being sent to the customers instead of previously used non-standardized formats (Excel or email). I also ensured an automation of internal processes, such as approval of offers or their submission for graphic processing.
Salary statements application
I developed a comprehensive salary statements web application for company Global marketing. Thanks to the initial analysis of the company’s processes I was able to maximize the application’s effect on the company’s structure, which allowed the company to reduce its labour costs. The application is connected to an accounting software and offers previously unavailable reports by clients, service type or individual employee.